Impact Of Advertisements On Children

Editorials News | Apr-12-2021

Impact Of Advertisements On Children

Advertisements have become the most inevitable part of our lives. We see them all around us and knowingly or unknowingly, they have a huge impact on us. We tend to get drawn towards the new products that they have to offer. Moreover, they have a huge positive and negative impact on the children as well. Advertising helps the children to gain a wide knowledge of different products and new things available in the market. But along with the benefits of the advertisements, there are many negative impacts they have on children.

Watching advertisements about new, shiny products make children
impulsive to buy them. They demand their parents buy them every new thing they watch on the television. They throw tantrums to get what they want and force their parents to listen to all their demands. Children tend to eat more junk food after watching their advertisements. They make up a habit of eating every new food product they see on the television which leads to an unhealthy body and lifestyle. They also become very irritable when they are held back from buying those products or eating junk food.

Advertisements of all kinds of products are running on television, and children can learn a lot of inappropriate things from them. These advertisements can hurt them. There are plenty of advertisement strategies to attract children. Advertisers purposely sell free small toys with their products to attract the children into buying them.

Young children are always influenced by cartoon characters. Advertisers use those cartoon characters to promote their products. Children immediately demand the same when they see their favorite character using the products. These tactics can help advertisers to attract a large young audience. Using catchy and playful music can also draw the attention of the children towards the advertisement. They memorize that song unknowingly and then are bound to think about the product every time it pops up in their heads.

Advertisers are very smart with their approach to draw the attention of their target audience. All these and many more tactics are adopted by them to influence the children into buying their products. Thus, advertisements hurt the children as they are brainwashed into believing those ads and they force their parents to fulfill their demands.

By- Simran Raghav