Impact of Changing Weather on Volcanic Eruption

The scientists have done a study on changing weather and its impact on volcanoes. The study by UBC has shown that the climate change may prevent volcanoes from cooling the planet. A new research shows that climate change may impede the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions.

 The scientists explained that when an eruption is dominant enough, volcanoes spew sulphuric gases high into the atmosphere. The produced gases affect the environment by reaching a layer called the stratosphere, about 10 to 15 kilometers above Earth's surface. Additionally, these gases respond with water to form aerosol particles.

The scientists have also added that the connection of water and aerosol particles linger in the stratosphere reflecting sunlight and heat from the sun. This whole procedure cools down the environment. Only three to five eruptions reach the stratosphere every year, said the scientists.

Earlier research has revealed that the planet warms and the lower layers of the atmosphere will expand. The procedure will make it much harder for the gases to reach the stratosphere. The researchers claimed the volcanic sulphuric gases in the stratosphere will decrease anywhere from two to twelve per cent in the next 100 years.



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