Importance of Artificial Intelligence as a Subject

Editorials News | Jul-26-2022

Importance of Artificial Intelligence as a Subject

The pace at which the world is modernizing and getting developed is commendable. Since the invention of the internet, the world is getting motivated toward various discoveries among which the most prominent and popular is "Artificial Intelligence". Artificial intelligence or AI is the study of computers and machines that focus on how machines can stimulate the human brain. The term Artificial Intelligence stands to make machines capable of having intelligence at least equal to human intelligence. But this definition doesn't do justice to this expanded network, the immense scope, and the vast features of AI. Artificial Intelligence is gradually making computers Independent in this revolutionary world of science and technology. With the modernized technology and advanced world, it is nowadays important to include Artificial Intelligence as a Subject' in the school curriculum.

The Indian Education System was apprehensive of the "Importance of Artificial Intelligence as a Subject" and so they have added and augmented Artificial Intelligence in the curriculum as a skill subject. It was always necessary for students to develop skills that can help them in their careers and keep them balanced and updated about the revolutionary world. Including Artificial Intelligence as a subject was a very beneficial step because now a huge number of students are participating and taking interest in studying AI.

This crucial step has encouraged students to study the new technological features where they learn about machines working without any human interference. So the youth of the nation would understand how Artificial Intelligence is a revolution of Human Intelligence and this 'AI as a subject' is only a way to know about the revolutionary world. Therefore, the evolution of students and learning about new scientific discoveries for pursuing it as a goal would strengthen the Indian Economy and contribute to the Nation's development.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School