Inclusion of Sign Language in School

Inclusion of Sign Language in School

Moving from a mono-crop-based economy to a more diverse and sophisticated economic structure that is spreading its reach towards the service sector, Mauritius is now one of the leading nations in terms of economic process within the African and Indian Ocean region. If Mauritius aims at becoming a globally competitive nation, the country “must shore up its capacity in Tertiary Education, in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) and human resources generally” (Budget Speech, 2008-2009, p.11.).

Education is significant to a nation addressing human development, satisfying employment, and setting the pace for social mobility. it's also of crucial importance in providing a highly skilled labor pool as per the economic requirements of the challenges of your time.
Recent studies on the status of science and technology in Mauritius, which specialize in the education sector, show that science as a topic is becoming increasingly less attractive to pupils, as is that the case in many countries across the planet.

Our current lacking of science could have implications on the standard of our human resource, particularly within the context of the vision of remodeling the country into a Cyber island. There must be an entire review of the teaching and learning of science in schools. the present state of affairs is already resulting in pupils and students shying faraway from science for several reasons varying from science to be perceived as a difficult subject to the shortage of career opportunities for those choosing scientific subjects. 

By: Jyoti Nayak

School Name: Birla School, Pilani

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