Increase In Number Of Diabetes Patients In India

Diabetes is a disease that is caused when the level of sugar in the blood is too high. The sugar, present in the blood is one of the main sources of energy for the body. It comes from the food we eat. The pancreas is an internal organ of our body that develops a hormone called Insulin which helps the glucose to get into the cells from the food we eat for the energy to be used. When the cells of our body, does not respond properly to the produced insulin or when the pancreas does not produce a sufficient amount of insulin causes diabetes. Diabetes is mainly caused in India nowadays due to the change in lifestyle, work environment, genetic predisposition, urbanization, food habits (obesity), and less physical work.

Most of the people in today’s lifestyle eat junk food which is not good for health. This leads to obesity when proper physical activity is not done as per the calories consumed by the body. Obesity is a major cause of an increase in the number of diabetes patients in India. Change in the lifestyle over many years is also a cause of diabetes. People in the ancient times used to walk distances or used cycles to travel but nowadays people prefer to use cars, metros and other vehicles to travel. It also affects the health of the body and causes diabetes. The Work Environment has also changed after the development of the Internet and other various devices. People work while sitting on the chair with mostly the air-conditioned rooms for long times without doing any physical work. This also causes diabetes. Diabetes also spreads from one generation to the other called Genetic Predisposition. There are some chances that a child could suffer from diabetes when he becomes an adult if his mother or father is a patient of diabetes. This disease is also spread due to urbanization. In the past time, people used to climb buildings and offices through the staircase as the buildings were not too big and high but nowadays the buildings have been constructed of about 10 stories high in which the people unwantedly have to use lifts and escalators at some places. Diabetes is a serious disease as it can affect the functioning of several body organs like the disease of heart, blood vessels, damage of nerves, kidney, eye and slow healing of wounds, etc. So it is very important that each and everybody in our country take care of their health well and practice exercise or walk daily for at least 30 minutes.

By: Arul Kashyap

School: Delhi Public School

Class: 7th

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