Increasing Demands for Thermal Comfort- A Threat for All

It has been argued by a group of scientists that increasing demands for "thermal comfort" from the increasing middle class in countries like China, Brazil and India could impose an enormous global challenge. To combat that issue it is important that efficient and sustainable solutions for existing and new building stock are implemented on an urgent basis.

They contribute to 40 percent of our global energy demands. With the rise in the population of middle class, buildings are increasing like anything. The efforts are going on to make homes and workplaces more energy efficient. Buildings are being developed where there is proper light and sufficient air can be made available. Integrated photovoltaic panels are being used as building material that can help reducing the energy consumption of our buildings.

At the same time it is also said that climate variations, economic power, building traditions, public perception and attitude towards climate change, have resulted in vastly different adoption rates of new building materials and technologies in various countries worldwide. Coherent energy policy and the enforcement of strict building codes have reduced the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in some countries. It is a matter of concern for the countries like China, India and Brazil, that with the rapid growth of a middle class their demand for thermal comfort is also increasing. A sustainable solution is demand of the time.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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