Individual Organism in Human Genomes Interact With Each Other

The scientists from the Carl R. Woese Institute for Universal Biology (IGB) have deeply studied the human organism. As per the researchers, the genomes change over the lifetime of individual organisms, while evolving over generations. The scientists are trying to understand the genes that are active and are doing genome editing in real time in living cells. Additionally, the scientists are working on the concept of understanding the genomes in much more detail than has been done before.

The study has been done by the Chi Xue and Nigel Goldenfeld. These two scientists execute the Biocomplexity research theme at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Universal Biology (IGB).

The scientists stated that the world is full of parasites that are known as an organism which flourishes and proliferate at the expense of another species. Additionally, these same changing roles of parasite and other can be found in the microscopic molecular world of the cell, said the lead authors.

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