Industrial Revolution- New Phase For World

Editorials News | Apr-16-2022

Industrial Revolution- New Phase For World

The most important event in the world in the 18th century was the industrial revolution during which many prominent inventions took place. So the industrial revolution was a transition to adopt a new manufacturing process from around 1760 to 1870 which brought radical changes to the world. The revolution brought great changes in the structure of how manufacturing was done and the way new technology was used. It shifted the reliability of the handmade production methods using mostly basic machines to the new machine-made production methods. Letter during the Industrial Revolution, machines were started to be used for the production of new chemicals which shows the development of the science field during the revolution. Commercial iron production and increased use of steam power lead to the improvement of machine tools and also lead to the rise of the factor system.

Industrial Revolution was started for the first time in England and then spread to the neighboring countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria Hungary, and many other Empires like Russia and Japan. Hence, England was a pioneer of the Industrial Revolution, and Industrial Revolution spread around the whole world through European countries. The European Empires were the first to be industrialized after which the Asian nations began to be industrialized. The countries which became industrialized before are more developed even in the modern world. Hence, the industrial revolution is the key to unlocking the development of any Nation.

Before the industrial revolution, farming was the main occupation of the people because transport was not developed. Hence, they can't get food from outside and they grow the food on their farms. The Industrial Revolution also led to the formation of largely populated towns because of which food can be transported now to their place and people can do other jobs. So, it shifted the reliability of people from farming and opened gates for other occupations to the people. At the same time, it allowed the foreign goods to be supplied easily and reduced the difficulty of transport and the liability on local products for the people.

Thus, the Industrial Revolution completely transformed the transport and communication system in the world making manufacturing and supplying more convenient for people.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School