Influence of Covid on the Education System

Editorials News | Mar-11-2023

Influence of Covid on the Education System

One of the most critical systems has been ravaged by the current global epidemic: education. The emergence of Covid -19 has put education in jeopardy, even though it is undeniably essential for both the development of an individual and the welfare of a nation. Millions of children's lives have been significantly altered as a result. Since the lockdown was put in place, several important goals have had to be achieved. The economic crisis also hampered education, reducing its output. The epidemic, according to studies, has prevented nearly 32 million students from receiving an education. There has been an increase in unemployment as a result of this, which is referred to as a national crisis.

A nationwide lockdown was imposed in March 2020, necessitating the closure of some educational institutions and instructing students to abandon traditional classroom instruction. The world's educational system is impacted by the coronavirus. To prevent the coronavirus from spreading, all schools, colleges, and universities are closed. Students, teachers, and parents all face difficulties as a result of the school closing. Therefore, continuing the education system can be achieved through distance learning. However, distance education is difficult in developing nations due to a lack of computers, internet access, and network infrastructures. The purpose of this paper is to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic affected education systems in developing nations. As a result, nations devise a plan to employ educational technology, free online learning resources, internet educational resources, and broadcast teaching. Curriculum design and post-coronavirus teaching-learning strategies are prepared by educational institutions during closures. When schools reopen, educational institutions devise strategies to recover lost knowledge and return students to class. In developing nations, the face-to-face education system has been affected by the coronavirus.

By : Nitin Sangwan
Anand School for Excellence

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