Is It Acceptable To Use Animals In Laboratory Research?

Editorials News | Jul-30-2022

Is It Acceptable To Use Animals In Laboratory Research?

The "Use of Animals in Laboratory Research" is a very negative depiction and it suggested in a lot of ways that scientists were stuck in a rut and refused to adopt these practices as technology moved forward. And since then, Animal Test is unfairly judged and there have been various strikes to stop this practice. And the major agenda that we all must be aware of is the fact that since technology has advanced so much we don't need Animals in Laboratory Research anymore.

The legislation behind annual research even tries to regulate the Animal Capacity in testing but fails to fulfill the objective to stop it. It is right to consider that animal use in laboratory research is pointless and baseless. It is a very non-humane and cruel method and we have many effective humane alternatives which help to avoid the use of animals in laboratory research. Researching animals is a fact against ethics and morals humans must not be Evil enough to believe that other species like monkeys, rats, or dogs should be subjected to painful experiments. Anyone with a compassionate heart recognizes that animal experimentation is completely injustice and incorrect. And as we are living in this modernized and advanced world, the technological age, there is no reason to subject animals to such misery, abuse, and ultimately death.

So, even though "Animal use in Laboratory Research" is one of the most uncomfortable or ethically wrong topics but society needs to discuss and develop awareness about it because until we all as a united group decide to make an Informed Stance on the issue, we can't improve it. Therefore with time, where there is increased Public Engagement in research "The Use of Animals in Laboratory Research" is becoming an ever more important issue.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School