It’s All in the Eyes

Editorials News | Jun-20-2017

It’s All in the Eyes

Research has found that the meaning of a word is enough to trigger a certain reaction in our pupil. When we hear and intercept a word meaning or referring to luminosity (“bright, sunshine” etc), our pupils’ contract. That too, in the same manner when they are actually exposed to bright light. And when referred to a word associated to darkness (“dark, gloom” etc), the opposite occurs.

The research reveals that there was evident contraction and expansion observed in the pupil. These results were published in the journal “Psychological Science” on June 14, 2017.

The piece of work by researchers from University of Groningen (Netherlands) has opened up new horizons for better understanding of how our brain responds to language. This happens because our brain makes mental images related to our experiences with reference to the language that we know or speak.


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