Japan’s Food Firms to Display New Technology

Editorials News | Jun-22-2017

Japan’s Food Firms to Display New Technology

In Japan, various food firms showcased various technologies at an industry show. Technologies from edible ink printers to chicken stick conveyor belts were displayed.  One of the exhibitor claimed that such technologies can turn anyone into a top sushi chef.

Newmind’s color printers can print an image with any color on cookies and other food items. The best thing about this printer is that the inks used are edible. Another booth named Kojima Giken’s had a conveyor belt in which the machine uses its wooden skewers to dice chicken.  The machine produces a popular grilled snack called yakitori. It is a bigger treat to customers when served along with abundant amount of beer.

800 exhibitors participated at the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition in Tokyo. A machine named Suzumo Machinery can combine rice, spicy green wasabi paste and fresh fish. This is done before wrapping sushi in a clear plastic bag with an expiration date.

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