Jetsprint: The Super Boat

Editorials News | Jul-09-2017

Jetsprint: The Super Boat

Super Boat racing is extreme, and the people who race these boats are extraordinary. Jetsprint, also commonly known as sprint boat racing is a form of racing done in less than a meter of water. The racers compete with each other individually against the clock through a very quirky and twisted set of stages. The sport originated in New Zealand long back in 1981. The Jetsprint super boat is called a hull which is preferably short and long. The hull is so incredibly fast that it touches the 130 kph mark from zero in just 2 seconds.

The crew comprises of a driver and a co-driver (Navigator). The longest straight run of the tracks are about 180 meter long where the boat reaches to its maximum speed. It takes a lot of mechanism and detailing in designing the hull. There are strict rules to qualify where the structure, torque, cornering, and other aspects of the boat are thoroughly checked. 

By: Shatrujit Singh Chauhan


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