Journey Developer Thatgamecompany Got a New Game

Editorials News | Sep-17-2017

Journey Developer Thatgamecompany Got a New Game

A new game for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad has been revealed by Journey Developer thatgamecompany. The name of the game is Sky. Jenova Chen discussed about the game during Apple’s Keynote. He told that the game has some striking similarities with Journey and Flower.

The game is a multiplayer social game. It is a game where up to eight players from the world can come to discover the world beyond clouds. The participants of the game are the controllers of Children of Light. The players are responsible to bring the light “where it is needed the most.” The players on Apple TV can do everything with just one finger using the Siri Remote. Thus, this feature makes Sky approachable to everyone across globe. Sky has been scheduled for its launch “this winter”.

The soundtrack of Sky will be orchestral. Also with 810X fusion chip on the new Apple TV, the game has got stunning view.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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