Keep the Beaches Perfect and Clean

The sea water is very important and helps to provide tons of seafood. It is also a source of fun for Captains and local residents. When the weather is warm, the one thing everybody loves is to have a good swim and cookout at beach site. But the things are hardly perfect these days. It has been found by the Ocean Conservancy that debris in the ocean and beaches can create issues for marine wildlife and for ships at the time of ocean navigation.

In 2015, National Geographic reported that there were over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. Thus, it becomes very important to clean our beaches. Dolphins and all other marine wildlife found in large water bodies are in peril. Ingesting of plastic by our cute and funny sea lion memes can end their lives because of its high toxicity. When a person ingest something with high toxic levels of mercury in it, then mercury poisoning occurs. Different types of fish and other seafood items have been found with high mercury levels. Therefore, cleaning the beaches will save the whole food chain.

By: Bhavna Sharma





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