Learn about the Hambantota Port

Editorials News | Jan-27-2021

Learn about the Hambantota Port

The Hambantota Port is also called the Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port. It is a maritime inland port situated in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The construction of this port is done by Sri Lankan Port Authority and the funding of it is taken care of by EXIM Bank of China.

The construction of this port was started on 15th January 2008. The companies involved in the first phase of the construction are Sinohydro Corporation and China Harbour Engineering Company. The first phase cost an estimated $360 million and excluding $76.5 million for the bunker terminal. 85 % of the funding was done by the Chinese Government and the rest of the funding was taken care of by Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Initially, the port was supposed to get its inauguration in the first half of 2011. The opening of the first phase happened five months ahead of its schedule and the first phase of the project was completed by November 2010.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha inaugurated the port on 18th November 2010. The Navy ship ‘Jetliner’ became the first vessel to drop anchor at the port. It sailed from the Naval Base in Galle. The second phase of the port development was launched and commenced on the same day. It is a commercially inactive port and thus there is a move to make it a free port.

This port was constructed near the city of Hambantota because of its natural harbor and possessing close proximity to international shipping routes due to its location at the Southern end of Sri Lanka.

By: Kiara Sharma

Mahaveer Public School