Learning About Pangaolin

Editorials News | Mar-31-2021

Learning About Pangaolin

Animals were created by God to balance our eco-system. They have immense importance to maintain the balance of the world. Among those animals are some of the rarest species in the world. Over time, poachers have used these creatures for their benefit. All the unique and endangered animals should be left alone if the environmental balance has to be maintained. At the rate they are being hunted, the future generations won’t be able to see them outside pictures.


Listed as one of the most unique animal species, the Pangolin is a unique mammal species covered in scales that protect them from predators. Pangolin can curl up when in danger, and their scales are pointed, which can stab any predator who tries to attack them. Pangolins live alone and can climb trees. They use their tongues to pick up their food from the ground. Facts state that their tongues can be bigger than their bodies.


When born, Pangolin babies have very soft scales, but just after 2 days, they start to harden. Mother Pangolin carries their babies in the tails for about 3 months. The estimated life span of Pangolin is 20 years.


Pangolin is small in size and thus, relies on small insects to satisfy their hunger. They have beautiful uniqueness within themselves. They are among the most hunted mammals. Their scales are used for medicinal purposes and their meat is considered a delicacy in many countries. It is a rare and beautiful creature that should be protected and thus, killing and trafficking of Pangolin has been banned. But it hasn’t stopped the traffickers from practicing the illegal trade of Pangolin. Pangolin is harmless and calm creatures who live in peace. There are 8 species of pangolin out of which 4 of their species have been listed endangered. If the poaching of Pangolin doesn’t come to a stop, these beautiful creatures will be wiped out from the face of the earth.


It is safe to say that these admirable mammals should be allowed to live in peace. They don’t mean harm to humans, and thus humans should not use them for their benefits. Pangolin is an intelligent and extraordinary creature. If they become extinct, it would be a great loss to humans.


By- Simran Raghav


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