Loss of Biodiversity and Biodiversity Conservation

As we are living in a non-stoppable world, and in day to day life we require more and more need to fulfill our requirements. The deeds we are doing for ourselves are eminence but till now we have not to understand the meaning of Biodiversity. As of now, nobody did any initiative in their own lives (saying in terms of normal people's life because we are not maintaining a good balance with our nature and in return, it is gradually degrading day by day in terms of their condition and I think that it's our fault that the mother earth is facing a lot of issues. Once upon a time, it had been the most beautiful planet and the creatures living on it with their civilization was unmatchable with today's world. It is because of the needs we are having and are destroying nature. Somehow, the day is no longer far from us that the entire planet turned into the state Annihilation. Moreover, the pollution coming out of factories, automobiles, chemical, etc. are making our planet weak day by day. Whenever nature gave us a hint that it's not too late to take care of itself, we don't realize and only get to realize when we watch a natural disaster then entire humanity just started giving their condolences to those who lost their lives in the same.
Honestly speaking, we are the real rogue who is responsible for the demising of earth. We are the one who accused and makes the planet to yell. It ain't too late to stop this out. If we do have reverence then we should do something that would beneficial for both creatures and the planet. It might be done by using less and less pollution created resources. And start living along with mother earth in a manner that could be established a good balance between both. I hope we could make earth paradise before it gets paralyzed.
Biodiversity involves millions of species living on Earth whether flora or fauna. The social animal "Man" has contributed a lot to the loss of Biodiversity. Loss of biodiversity resulted in broken food chains. Everyone is impacted and even many important species are either endangered or extinct. It's the need of the hour to save biodiversity. Humans have to stop clearing forests and follow minimalism. Their greed has accounted for a loss of a variety of species. Planting more trees will help us preserving both flora and fauna. We should not forget that humans are not alone on the planet, they live in co-existence with many species. The planet Earth is for all.

By: Aditya Sharma

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