Major Redesign by Snapchat

Lately, the so much in trend app Snapchat has come up with a major redesign. This change has caused a lot of dissatisfaction amongst its users. One of the two changes that Snapchat has introduced is in its way of presenting stories.

Snapchat has come up with an algorithm which decides which stories would you like to see based upon your interaction with a particular user.

This clearly means that Snapchat is going to decide that whose story I should be seeing and whose not. Further, the stories are being displayed in a more traditional reverse-chronological order. This idea of snapchat is being widely hated and opposed by its users. Users believe that these days its trendy to keep checking up your friend’s stories, and its really not so cool to see old stories pop up, everytime when you check snapchat. Also, this is making it difficult to find stories from those friends who donot update their stories very often.

It is being presumed that Snapchat might just take down this feature, after the aweful response from its users.


By: Anuja Arora



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