Mawlynnong: Cleanest Village In India

Editorials News | Mar-20-2021

Mawlynnong: Cleanest Village In India

A little town in the north-eastern Indian province of Meghalaya has become the jealousy of its neighbors. Enormous hordes of guests have been swarming to the town inquisitive to discover why Mawlynnong has gained notoriety for being ostensibly the cleanest and best taught in India – every one of its inhabitants can peruse and compose and each house has a latrine". "About 90km from the state capital Shillong and scarcely 4km from the Bangladeshi line, Mawlynnong is quite adored by its occupants who strive to keep it clean.

The roads are completely specked with dustbins made of bamboo. Each piece of litter and pretty much every leaf that has tumbled from a tree is quickly disposed of. Plastic is totally prohibited and all garbage removal is harmless to the ecosystem. Refuse is tossed into a pit dove in a woodland close to the town where it is left to go into manure.

The locals here say that exercises in cleanliness start in school so youngsters can be educated since the beginning how to keep their environmental factors spotless and green. There is a fine forced by the town chamber for anyone discovered to toss litter around or cutting trees [… ] says town headman Thomlin Khongthohrem. Youngsters are educated to gather litter at an early age. "Moreover, the gathering does severe reviews of the sterilization offices in each house. Specialists property the town's tidiness a successful neighborhood administration framework, a matrilineal society that makes ladies monetarily more impressive, and the nearby occupants' regard for nature. Mawlynnong's standing for neatness has made it a famous objective for sightseers.

By: Jyoti Nayak

Birla School, Pilani