Monkeys Have Vocal Anatomy Not The Brain

A new study has found that monkeys use the vocal anatomy to produce comprehensive human speech but lack the brain circuitry to perform so. The scientists explained that human speech is not connected to vocalization-related anatomical differences between humans and primates. However, the human speech is primarily connected with the unique evolution and structure of the brain, said the scientists.

Difference between humans and monkeys has been a debate issue for a long time among scientists.  It has been found that human and primate vocal anatomy allows people to speak however not monkey and apes.

The scientists have also said that a clear understanding of the behavior of humans’ relatives is important for every one of us. Additionally, this study has shown that the anatomical potential to develop a quality sound was present in the past, said the scientists. The scientists said that this research plays a major and important part to understand the initial point for the evolution of language.

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