Motivation Boosting

Editorials News | Nov-18-2023

Motivation Boosting

Through Teaching With Emotional Intelligence  

There is the ability to express and control our own emotions is important but so is our ability to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. Imagine a world where we couldn’t understand when our friend was feeling sad or when our co-worker was angry. Psychologists refer to this ability as emotional intelligence, which can be more important than IQ. By recognizing our feelings and emotional state and encouraging it to be our best. Considering feelings, and values, our attitude increases self-awareness.

When you discuss with your partner or your friend how you see yourself as a teacher where your feelings as a teacher, feelings toward teaching, behaviors, values, attitude as a teacher, and increasing interest and how the learner feels safe, curious to learn and how to get motivated by their teacher. The learner will feel enthusiastic, confident, and capable of doing so by their own teacher’s self-awareness and understanding between both learner and a teacher.

Creating a fact and assembling thoughts in learners and evaluating it by giving support and analyzing different parts by comparing and differentiating it, and choosing or sketching it to understand recall, and remember it for the long term. It is all in your mind and self-awareness. Motivating a learner by the teacher, a friend, or parents is necessary because the emotional learning of loved ones should be basic and important to all. In today’s generation emotional support is as needed as food or drinks you need everyone now is depressed and feels low about every small thing like getting fewer marks, breakups, and not getting increment after working so hard. Our inner selves are quite a task and important one should know about their abilities and capabilities of doing and never decrease your self-esteem.

Tоdаy, in bоth eduсаtiоn аnd соrроrаte wоrld, the rоle оf emоtiоnаl intelligenсe fоr mоre sustаinаble аnd роsitive develорment is tаlked аbоut. Асrоss the Glоbe, Emоtiоnаl intelligenсe hаs beсоme а рrime fасtоr fоr humаn develорment. The fасt is оrgаnizаtiоnаl сulture is сhаnging аnd emрlоyees аnd eduсаtоrs аre being seleсted bаsed оn nоt оnly IQ but аlsо аll соmроnents оf emоtiоnаl intelligenсe like self-аwаreness, emраthy, self-regulаtiоn, etс. It is important to develop who you are emotionally intelligent for growth and development for ourselves.

When we have low self-awareness, we are at risk of not realizing how we come across to others and letting an overinflated self-image skew our behavior and social interactions. Encouraging people to understand the difference between ‘sad’, “disappointed” and “upset” act as a springboard to develop appropriate strategies for each. In short, every emotional word you learn is a new tool for future emotional intelligence.

By: Khushboo Sharma

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