Music Could Be a Forever Friend

Editorials News | Feb-07-2021

Music Could Be a Forever Friend

Who is a friend? Anyone who is with you in your hard times, always stand by you, etc. Music is that friend, that long-lasting friend of yours, and the consistent one who just needs your time that's it. Music is that friend who can be controlled by you as it can change itself in any mood which you want, also will not leave you, helps you to cheer up, always ready to accompany, etc. 

Suppose you have a really bad day, no one is with you at that time, if you sit alone...only negative thoughts are coming into your mind. In this situation music can help, just turn it on and listen to it. Play some cheerful songs and see the change in your mood! Your mood will then depend not on the situation of that particular time but on the song you will be playing, music engages your mind and takes it away from the painful experiences. 

Many students play music while studying, it is observed that concentration level increases due to this. Especially during solving mathematical problems, music makes it easy to concentrate on it. 

Not only studies or bad days, even if you are can enjoy yourself by listening to music. 

The best part of music is that it is not limited, it's so diverse that you can have songs for each day, each problem, and every mood. Trying it out yourself will tell you the impact of music in your life, so go and play music and enjoy!

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani