NASA Releases Mission Catalog With Latest Planet Candidates

Editorials News | Jun-23-2017

NASA Releases Mission Catalog With Latest Planet Candidates

The team of NASA’ scientists have focused on their new mission catalogue of planet candidates. These new planets candidates are 219 in number out of which 10 are similar to earth size. Additionally, the scientists added that these new planet candidates orbits in their star's habitable zone. According to the belief, the star’s habitable zone is known as a range of orbits around a star within which a planetary surface can support liquid water given sufficient atmospheric pressure.

According to the Kepler’s first four years of data, this research is the most comprehensive and detailed catalogue release of candidate exoplanets, known as planets outside our solar system. Additionally, it is also the final catalogue from the spacecraft’s view of the piece of sky in the Cygnus constellation. As per the astronauts, ‘Cygnus constellation’ is a northern group of stars forming a recognizable pattern lying in the plane of the Milky Way.

The Kepler’s data and research are publicly available on the NASA Exoplanet Archive. According to the scientists, there are around 4,034 planet candidates identified by Kepler out of which 2,335 have been verified as exoplanets. Roughly 50 exoplanets are near-Earth-size habitable zone candidates.


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