New App That Can Help Parent

Are you also worried about your child’s habit of internet?  App developers have come up with an app that can help parents like you. These days children are more gadget freaks and the use of smart phones and tablets are the part of fun for them.

App developer Alon Shwartz, co-founder of the app Unglue, said this app will help student’s addiction of internet and smart phone. UnGlue manages how much time children spend online. It is one of the app helping parents track their children's digital habits, such as OurPact and Screen Time.

Additionally, the app will guide students how to manage their time. According to the app creator, Alon, stated that this app is useful for students as they don’t have the lifetime experience, responsibilities.

Unglue is the result of an experience which was experienced by the co- founder with his 18 years old son. The co-founder stated that he created this app when he was helping his son in his homework. 



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