New Approach by Scientists to Construct Buildings

Scientists have developed a faster technology at MIT that helps the constructor to create 3-D print the basic structure of an entire building.The scientists have cleared that structures built with this system could be produced faster and less expensively than traditional construction methods allow.

Moreover, the interior and exterior of the structure can be modified according to the need of the makers. Different material can be included as the process expands. However material density could be different to provide best combinations of strength, insulation, or other features.

The researchers stated, this method could allow the design and construction of new kinds of buildings that would not be possible with regular building approach. Additionally, this new developing system consists of a tracked vehicle that carries a large, industrial robotic arm.The robotic arm can be used to direct any conventional (or unconventional) construction nozzle, such as those used for pouring concrete or spraying insulation material.

Source: Hindustan Times

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