New Encephalophone Can Play Music via Thoughts

Do you have creative thoughts running inside your mind? Scientists have created something that will help you to play your favorite song that too without moving your muscles. Yes, you read it right! Neurologists at the University of Washington’s DXARTS program have created a new device that allows people to play music with their thoughts.

The Neurologist joined hand with composers and tech-geeks to create this highly creative and helpful device. The scientists have suggested that this device can also be helpful in empowering and rehabilitating patients with motor disabilities.

This instrument named as Encephalophone by the scientists. As per the study, this device collects signals through a cap that convert detailed signals into musical notes. This is not all; Encephalophone is mixed with synthesizers that allow the users to create music through a wide variety of instrumental sounds.

The researchers from the University of Washington did their study on 15 healthy adults. Through the research, the Neurologists got to know that this newly made instrument can be operated through two independent recreated musical tones.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: Hindustan Times



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