New Factors of Pollution in the Arctic

Currently scientists are working on the possible factors of pollution that is increasing every day. Through the research the scientists have come to know that this year the low level of ice might be seen. The researchers have captured some pictures that showed certain rapid changes in the climate. A team of scientists is trying to understand the real reasons behind the changes. According to the scientists the study can help to predict the future of Arctic Ocean.

Earlier research has also shown the rising level of pollutants such as gaseous nitrogen oxides and ozone. NASA has also shown a serious concern toward the global warming which is developing rapidly because of pollution. As per the classical theory nitrogen oxides are air pollutants that create the shape of ozone.  Smog is the main component which is responsible for pollution, explained the scientists.

Gradually these gases form as nitrates that affects the earth atmosphere by trapping in snow. As per the explanation by the scientists, snow works as a reactor during the sunlight that altered into nitrogen oxide gases.



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