Niger- The Youngest Country In The World

Editorials News | Jun-23-2022

Niger- The Youngest Country In The World

Not too many people know about Niger. It doesn't pop up in many tourism sciences and is usually just a footnote in the books of Africa. this country is fascinating, to say the least, and I dare say, it's a top destination. If you are exploring the obscure lesser-known reaches of the planet and speaking of the planet now if there was any country that exemplified the definition of a Saharan nation, it would either be Niger or Mauritania. Nigar played an important role throughout history and if you dig deep in the sand, you'll start to understand why?

First of all, the country is the largest in West Africa landlocked borders by 7 other countries, and makes up 1.3 million square kilometers or 5 lakh square miles the shape of the country is kind of like a chicken drumstick. The domestic is divided into 7 regions and one capital distance for the capital and largest city Niamey, located in the southwest. After that, the second-largest city in Zinder in the southeast and Maradi in the central south. 95% of the population lives in the south where most of the road networks lie. The largest and least populated of the regions is the massive Agadez region in the north, where only one road goes all the way up and stops at the mining Arlit. Otherwise, from there, there are only dirt paths through the desert that reaches the nearly uninhabited outskirts of the unforgiving north eastern Saharan reason. They extend to the furthest settlement Madama, a military outpost that patrols the border with Libya and Chad. Otherwise from Libya, you have only one main road that passes through the Kourou Arkenne Airstrip, which is split by the border of both countries, and from there, within the country, there are two international airports: Niamey Diori Hamani International and Agadez Mano Dayak International up north. Currently, the country is in the process of constructing a Rail line that will connect to Benin and onwards to the part of cargo transport to the Atlantic Ocean. Station has already been built at Niamey and future stations are being worked on.

They share the same history of empires challenges in modern society and to some extent cultures they also share many of the same people groups and they have a share depends on the Niger River. In conclusion, when you look at neither first, you see, you know just sand in rocks but then you see this incredibly fast-growing population. They have gotten this far and kept the color tradition alive.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School