Noida: JBM Global School Caught Massive Fire

On recent Sunday, a renowned school based in Gautam Buddh Nagar of Noida caught fire. The massive fire broke out suddenly in the morning and left the complete third floor of the school building burnt. JBM Global School is one of the renowned schools of CBSE Board located in sector 132 of Noida.

According to CFO of Gautam Buddh Nagar, Arun Kumar Singh it was known that the school caught fire suddenly this Sunday morning.
According to further reports it came into light that the fire was so drastic that it took more than 3 hours for the fire extinguishing team to douse off the fire completely. Also by the end, the third floor of the school that had a big library and many classrooms got burnt.

According to further reports, the exact reason behind the fire is still not known but departments are working for seeking the answers. Further, there was no one present in the school when this incident took place on this Sunday. Police have also looked for the testing of the fire extinguishing devices that were installed in the school. These devices play a vital role when any building of any organization or institution catches fire.

This incident has taught the whole school fraternity to keep these things in priority while renovating their schools. Things of fire safety, cameras, and other security should always be of the utmost priority to any school.

By: Prerana Shama

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