Online shopping

Editorials News | Mar-23-2021

Online shopping

Online shopping has changed the entire course of shopping in the modern era. Online shopping means, that instead of physically visiting the shop and buying goods, we can sit at their comfort of our homes and order the goods through our phones or laptops, and we get the goods delivered to us. In the year 1994, the first online transaction was completed. And in 1995, Amazon launched its online shopping site. Online shopping has become a part of life for everybody.

Each and everything from clothes to food, from electronics to groceries and even medicines are available online. There are numerous shopping sites where a person can comfortably browse and get their necessities home delivered. Even online services like massages and haircuts can be scheduled online according to our convenience. The introduction of online shopping has been a blessing to all the people who are busy at work 6 days a week and want to relax on the weekends. In a fast-moving life, people don’t get the time to go out and shop, thus, online shopping sites have made it very easy for people to buy groceries and shop for other products.

Through online shopping, we get a wide variety of products to choose from on different sites. We can compare prices and read reviews which lets us know the quality of the product. We can get tons of deals and sales on online shopping platforms which makes it much more exciting. We cab browse through those websites at any time, even if it’s early morning or after midnight.

There are always pros and cons to everything. And online shopping too has some cons. There are many cases and reviews of damaged goods that were delivered to people. Along with that, if people want to return any good, they face several problems before getting their money back. There’s also been great concern regarding the card information that we put on the online shopping sites. Many people have reported that their money was withdrawn and cases of fraud have been recorded.

Online shopping is a very accessible method to shop with some flaws if a person uses unknown shopping sites and provides unnecessary information to them. But all in all, it is a great way to save some time and effort and enjoy new products as well.

By- Simran Raghav