Organic Farming And Food: Time To Rejuvenate Not Just The Earth But Our Bodies Too

Editorials News | Aug-20-2019

 Organic Farming And Food: Time To Rejuvenate Not Just The Earth But Our Bodies Too

We have come a long way since early humans started settling down and started farming. From farming to sustain individual families, and then to surplus which they exchanged for other necessary items that they needed. New discoveries and inventions led humans to agricultural revolution. In the 1940's one farmer could feed the only 19 people. With modern methods of farming, new technology, machineries and use of fertilizers and pesticides today each farmer is able to feed 199 people. In last 200 hundred years the world has changed drastically. Some of the key advancements are pest management through genetically modified plants, plant breeding that allows high plant populations, equipment that help in precision planting, accurate soil - testing and many more. Today farming is a big part of the economy of almost every country. 

The whole agricultural scenario looks very bright. However, in the process better production, use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has depleted the soil of its fertility. Pesticide contamination also poses significant risk to the environment and it is indirectly harming non-target organism ranging from beneficial soil micro-organism, to insects, plants, fish and birds. Due to use of pesticides the global bee population has declined and it has become a serious cause of concern as they are our natural and wild pollinators.
The human population has also been adversely affected due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These contain potentially toxic chemicals that have negative health effects and are one of the major reasons for growing rate of cancer and other neurological and reproductive disorder amongst humans worldwide.
In order to save not just the environment but ourselves too it has become very important that we go back to Organic farming methods. Our scientific research should be focused on getting better yield of crop through organic methods.
Organic farming will not benefit just the farming community but the whole human population as a whole. Eating organic produce means putting healthy chemical free food into our bodies. Conventional agriculture along with other allied activities has become the single largest contributor to carbon emissions. Excessive use of fertilizers has destroyed the health of the soil. Organic farming which uses only natural fertilizers keeps the soil and everything that grows in it healthy.
Also the uses of genetically modified seeds have led to extinction of thousands of natural indigenous varieties of fruits and vegetables. Organic farming will help farmers preserve local varieties unique to their regions for the rest of the population to enjoy and remain healthy.

By: Madhuchanda Saxena