Pathways Identified That Extend Lifespan By 500 Per cent

Scientists at the MDI Biological Laboratory which is in collaboration with scientists from the Buck Institute for Research that is on Aging in Novato, Calif., and Nanjing University in the country of China, have recently identified that synergistic cellular pathways that are for longevity which amplifies lifespan fivefold in C. Elegans that is a nematode worm generally used as a model in aging research.
According to one of the scientists it is known that the research also witnessed the increase in the lifespan that would be equivalent in a human living since 400 or 500 years,
The research has drawn on the discovery of two major pathways that are governing aging in C. elegans, which is one of the popular model in aging research as it shares many of its genes with humans and because of its short lifespan of only three to four weeks it allows scientists for quickly assessing the effects of genetic and environmental interventions for extending healthy lifespan.
Also because these pathways are too "conserved," which means that they have been passed down to humans through the evolution and they have been the subject of doing intensive research. Also number of drugs that have extended healthy lifespan by doing alterations in these pathways and are now under development. The recent discovery of the synergistic effect has opened the door for even more effective anti-aging therapies.

By: Prerana Sharma


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