Pollution Alert! Infants Living in Metro Cities Inhales Polluted Air

Editorials News | Nov-07-2016

Pollution Alert! Infants Living In Metro Cities Inhales Polluted Air

Experts have found that children from big cities faced more allergic ailments.  According to the experts, metro cities such as Delhi have a huge level of pollution. Urban pollution such as air pollution might be the reason behind the allergic ailments in kids as per the health experts. Studies showed that in today’s time over 20-30 percent country’s population are under influence of some form of allergic diseases. Additionally, the frequency of asthma has been on rising in countries in the past 10 years, suggested the experts.

Studies have also revealed that dominance of asthma in kids in India increased from 2.3-11.9 per cent. However, the adults are also suffering as the problem has increased from 0.96-11.03 per cent, as per the expert's data. Air pollution always brings many ailments such as allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis, suggested the doctors. The scientists have stated that the global warming and pollution are the major issues behind the rise in allergic ailments.