Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games

Editorials News | Jan-10-2022

Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games

In the modern world, technology has been so revolutionized in all sectors whether it is economic, social, or political. This development in technology has also opened the gate for a new era in the gaming world. In the early gaming era, there was only a gadget which contains 5 to 10 games in it, now the time has been changed a lot due to the hi-tech technology now there are PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, mobile phones, etc. To play games and not just 5 to 10 games we can play an end number of games on these devices. With these devices, we went from limited to large scale. But these video games at the same time have some positives and some negative effects.

Positive Effects of Video Games:-

(1) Video Games Enhances Decision Making: By playing video games the quality of one's decision-making person gets enhanced. By playing video games we can improve your multitasking ability and increase your mental flexibility.
(2) Video Games improve everyday skills: Playing video games is hand-eye coordination gets improved length and attention span and also improves the memory and polish our decision-making ability.
(3) Video Games help in reducing depression and stress levels: By playing video games we forgot all of the stress and pain at that time and after playing video games we feel relaxed and out of stress. By playing video games our minds get diverted from stress and depression.

Negative Effects of Video Games:

(1) Video Games can make people violent: By playing violent games like a firearm, killing people, fighting, etc. type of game can make one person violent by playing all these types of the game a person get short tempered and get violent easily.
(2) Video Games are Addictive: the most common negative effect of playing video games is it is addictive. According to the research 1 out of 10 youth are related to one of the other games these playing habits can cause damage to their family, friends, society, and psychologically themselves also.
(3) Video Games decrease the concentration level: By playing video games our concentration on anything gets reduced and we can’t able to focus on any of the other work. This is highly seen in children who don’t focus on their studies properly.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School

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