Positive Representation Of The LGBTQ+ Community

Editorials News | Jun-08-2021

Positive Representation Of The LGBTQ+ Community

It is pride month and with that, you will be able to see the Pride flat everywhere you go. Whether you want to visit websites like, SAP, Deloitte, and other popular ones, or you visit small but empowered stores. But our country is still a lot far away from understanding that people belonging to the LGBT community are as normal as straight people.

This keeps on happening in school as well. Students from the community get bullied by others because of their "abnormal behavior", which is also imprinted in their brains from the society and stereotypical representation of gender in Bollywood movies.

A student of Class 10 was recently selected as the head boy of his class. He identifies as more of a feminine boy. People get scared of him just because he likes to wear long nails and paint them!
His teacher suggested some LGBT-friendly Social Media pages to him, from where he will get support and strength to handle everything in his life.

The stereotypical gender identity should be destroyed not just in our country but in the whole world. Students should be educated about this topic in their class, about how each and every one of them should be proud of who they are.

Pride month is celebrated not to tell others about how unique the LGBT community is, it is also not to tell other people about how normal we are. It is just to make the people of our community realize that it is okay to be the way you are and you should take pride in yourself.

Sexuality and gender identity are something that we are born with. It doesn't come to us after a certain amount of time. Also, it is nothing sexual in it that children and students cannot be educated about it. It is something that should be taught to children from a very small age so that they do not get bullied or end up bullying others.

By Anisha Sen.

Content- https://www.hrw.org/topic/lgbt-rights