Private School vs. Government School

To start with firstly I would like you to read this quote written by Ken Robinson"All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think." In the early period of school, we indeed think what we want to but afterward, you all know our imaginations are related to books.
What do you think is better according to my private school, why private because first I have been studying in this school for many years to me government school is not better.
I am sure you would hear this dialogue from your teachers that you study in English medium school if you want to speak Hindi takes admission to a government school. Even after hearing this, we still speak Hindi only. You would have heard this from your parents that if you would not bring good marks in the exams we will shift you to a government school.
So we don't know we are being processed to think in that way. We indeed get more opportunities in a private school but government schools take fewer fees but lack extracurricular activities.
Government school does not provide huge infrastructure, clean and hygienic facilities which private school does. Teachers don't bother to concentrate on students' growth but in private school, each student is well taken care of by the teachers.
All in all, we could see the private school is better. Each school is perfect in their way rather it is a government school or private school.

By: Deepanshi Manchanda

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