Quahog Clam Reveals Changes in Climate

The scientists have found the changes in the oceans’ history through the quahog clam. The research has been conducted by the scientists from Cardiff University and Bangor University. The scientists have claimed that they have revealed the mystery of changes in the climate due to the changes in the oceans. Recently, a study has been conducted on the oldest and longest living animal on Earth, the quahog clam.

The study has shown that the oceans have exaggerated the environment over the past 1,000 years. As per the researchers previously during the industrial period (pre AD 1800) several changes in the North Atlantic Ocean were influencing our climate. Additionally, the changes in the weather consequently affected the weather.

The researchers have also cleared that the changes in the North Atlantic Ocean happened because of variations in the sun's activity and volcanic eruptions. The scientists have also blamed the influences of greenhouse gases fro the several changes in the North Atlantic climate.

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