Quality of Early Family Relationships Affects Children's Mental Health

Editorials News | Jul-05-2017

Quality of Early Family Relationships Affects Children's Mental Health

The birth of a child is indeed a long awaited and very meaningful event but it also requires a transition in the mindset of the parents to learn how to cope with the new situation. It is this time when the infant undergoes one of their most intense developmental periods. And for this development to take place effectively, it is necessary to give due importance to the role of the fathers, the marital relationship and the family as a whole.

As a result of a dissertation by the Academy of Finland, 6 unique family systems were identified using statistical analysis. The study was conducted for 710 finish families where the child was closely observed at the ages of two and twelve months, and during their middle childhood period.

The children from problematic family types were observed to be more vulnerable to depression which clearly indicates that family related difficulties in managing their own negative emotions pose a great risk for the child’s mental well being. Other similar yet major revelations have been made as part of this 7 year longitudinal study which can help parents to provide a better environment to their children and identify early family related risks before it gets too late. 

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