Recently Imported Oriental Stallions are Fore Fathers of Modern Horses

Researchers deeply analyzed Y chromosomes of more than 50 horses. These horses represented 21 breeds. They found that paternal links of nearly all the modern horses are linked with stallions. These stallions were brought to Europe from Orient. It happened for over the last 700 years.

The researchers said that the genetic lineage is making possible to tell the origin and relationship of any stallion in detail. Barbara Wallner at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna said that this study can detect genetic lines of almost other modern breeds too. It is not only for stallion lines found in Northern European breeds. The data produced have a huge impact over modern horse breeding strategies.

It is characterized by strong selection of males and the import of Oriental stallions. Y chromosomes are inherited by sons from their fathers. Thus inheritance of Y chromosomes provides good evidence of unique history of males of a species.

By: Bhavna Sharma