Remedy to Repair Congenital Hearing Loss Found

More than 300 genetic defects have been found to restrain the hair cells of the human ear from working properly. To restore the functionality of the dead cells, a research team has successfully treated an animal model by using a new type of virus. It is a modified non- pathogenic adeno associated virus.

Leading journal Nature Bio Technology has published the research. Earlier, cochlear implant worked as a technical solution for restoring the power of hearing in people. Further development is still going on in the study as the results are not completely efficient. The virus is injected with the help of 12 electrodes which replace around 3000 hair cells in the inner ear. Genetic mutation of GJB2 and GJB6 causes the commonest form of congenital deafness in children. This does not allow the protein connexin 26 to form properly in the inner ear. This particular adeno associated virus has earlier been used to restore liver cells and retina.

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