Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources

Editorials News | Sep-25-2021

Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources

All the things that satisfy our wants and needs are called resources. They are further classified into 2 types; renewable and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are those resources that would renew on their own over the duration of time. Whereas non-renewable resources are those resources that cannot be replaced.

Examples of renewable resources with their uses and how they are replaced in nature-

1) Sun – sun produces energy that is called solar energy.
Usage – Used to heat water, used in solar cells, charging solar panels to use the electricity generated, etc.
Replaced – Since this energy comes from the indestructible sun it gets replaced every single day upon the rising of the sun.

2) Wind - wind energy is the energy that is produced by the wind.
Usage – Wind energy can generate electricity, sailing of ships and boats, flying kites, etc.
Replaced – The excessive movement of wind can lead to the generation of wind energy at many places in the world

3) Water – Water currents generate hydro or water energy.
Usage- The creation of electricity, water is also used for necessities such as drinking, bathing, and washing clothes.
Replaced – 96.54% of the earth is covered in water and via the process of precipitation water levels are revived.

Examples of non-renewable resources with their uses and how they are replaced after an extended period-

1) Coal – coal is generated in millions of years and therefore is irreplaceable for another million years.
Usage- It is used for fires, generation of electricity, etc.

2) Oils – Oils are extracted from various sources but require a long period to revive the quantity of oil, under it come petrol and diesel.
Usage – Transportation and generation of electricity are the biggest projects that require huge quantities of oil.

By : Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International School
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