Robot Designed to Extract Venom of Scorpion

A robot is designed for scorpion – milking which will replace traditional methods of extracting venom. The venom of scorpion is widely used in various medical applications. It is been used as immunosuppressant, anti – malarial drugs and in cancer research.

Mr Mouad Mkamel along with a team of researchers from Ben M'sik Hassan II University, Morocco has designed this robot. The robot makes the process of venom extraction fast and easy. The team created VES-4 device to be a light weight and portable robot. It is created in a way that it is used by researchers both in field and lab. The techniques used currently are dangerous and harmful to the animal. Techniques used are electrical stimulation by hand and mechanical stimulation which is both dangerous and unreliable.

This robot works by clamping the tail of a scorpion and then by electrical stimulation to release the drops of venom. The venom is captured and stored safely.



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