Save Money By Doing 30 Sit-Ups

In a hurry, you reached the railway station. Shockingly, you’ve forgotten the wallet. There are no friends of you who are nearby. And there is no time for you, either to go back to home or wait until someone from the family will bring your wallet back.
Except for asking someone near to you, which will put you in an embarrassment?
What you will do in such situations?
But now in Delhi, the Delhi’s Anand Vihar Railway Station has brought a healthy offer to the people.
If people perform sit-ups in front of the machine that dispenses free platform tickets at Delhi’s Anand Vihar Railway Station, the machine will dispense free platform tickets. In twitter, a video was shared by Railways Minister Piyush Goyal saying savings along with fitness. A unique experiment is being done to encourage fitness.
The machine will dispense a free railway ticket to the traveler who will perform 30 sit-ups at the station. The platform ticket is for the one who wants to be at the station and does not have a train ticket. How wonderful it is? You’ll get health without costing any rupee besides reaching the platform to see off your friends or family members.
In February 2014, this healthy initiative was a part of a promotional campaign for the Winter Olympics which was held in Sochi, Russia. To encourage an active lifestyle among citizens and enthusiasts is the main objective.
In 2015, a similar incentive-driven approach was introduced in Mexico City, where a ticket on a subway could be acquired through 10 sit-ups. For this purpose, 30 motion-sensing machines were installed. Singapore too introduced the squats-for-tickets plan. In Singapore, they have to achieve 20 squats in 40 seconds to enjoy a free (Mass rapid transit) MRT ride.
Later on, Moscow had also installed a machine for free rides in metro. Passengers have to do 30- squats to secure a free ticket.

By- Suvarna Gupta