Science Education

Editorials News | Apr-07-2021

Science Education

Science of today is a technology for tomorrow”

Science is like a magic wand in the hand of humans that make their life relaxed. Do you want to use a hand fan or an electric fan? Do you like to watch black and white movies or multimedia ones? Do you want to send letters to your relatives or send emails, or want to use mobiles instead? Many questions revolve around us daily. If we summarize all the answers and ask to define them in a single word then there is only one answer- Science and Science Education.

It seems to be such a straightforward concept that science education is gaining knowledge about the topics of science but for answering such a short question we tend to think hundreds of times and every time the answer comes to our mind is different. There can be two ways to answer that question. The first is to observe our surroundings and report what is going on. That is the answer to that question in an empirical sense.

Second is what content educators or policymakers want to include as science education or in science education. But from both the answers it is very clear science education is not just the science topics it is much more than that.

If we go through the mythological studies there is no see-through about the origin of science. But if we go through the historical studies then it is found that in 1814-1835 (the second phase of the British colonial era in India) the due importance is given to the teaching of oriental literature and science and in 1894, the NEA include some subjects like modern languages, political economy, mathematics, history, civil government, physics, astronomy, and chemistry, natural history, and geography in the curriculum to prepare all students to do well in life, and for the betterment of society.

Science was mentioned as a core subject by NEP in 1986 in India. Now in NEP 2020 science achieved the greatest victory in Indian schools as artificial intelligence is included in the curriculum. Science education is not merely a theoretical subject it is much more a skill-based subject. So, it is very much needed to improve the skills of the students rather than mere rote memorization.

By: Riya Chaudhary