Scientists found the melting mystery of Antarctic

The scientists have discovered fossilised leaves from a hollow lake in New Zealand and revealed the mystery of Antarctic climate. The research has also found how the changes happened in the climate. Along with this the scientists also discovered how the climate changes affected the Antarctic ice-sheet 23 million years ago. The leaf fossils found at Foulden Maar, in the Otago region of South Island. The finding has also pointed out finger on the increasing level of carbon dioxide (CO2) connected with a major collapse of the ice-sheet.

The study has also marked the changes in the stomatal cells and carbon isotope ratios that indicated a major increase in the levels of CO2. The level of pollution has observed about 500 parts per million (ppm) to between 750 and 1,550 ppm over a span of fewer than 10,000 years. The scientists have shown their concern over the rising pollution level. The scientists added, that “Such large CO2 fluctuations happened over geologically, relatively short time period is surprising.”

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