Scientists Observe Models of Yield Optimal Harvests

Researchers from Stephen Lansing (Nanyang Technological University) and Stefan Thurner (Medical University of Vienna, Complexity Science Hub Vienna, IIASA, SFI) did a research on harvesting system. The scientists modeled two variables such as water availability and pest damage. The research showed that farmers that live upstream have the advantage of always having water. On the other hand, those downstream have to adapt their planning on the schedules of the upstream farmers, said the scientists. 

The scientists stated that pest entered the scene when farmers are planting at different times, pests can move from one field to another. However, when farmers plant in synchrony, pests drown and the pest load is reduced. Additionally, the upstream farmers have an incentive to share water so that synchronous planting can happen. Due to limited water resources and lack of water bodies, everyone can not plant at the same time. Thus, constraint, fractal planting patterns emerge, which yield close to maximal harvests.



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