Scientists Reveal New Facts about Human Ancestor 'Lucy'

The scientists have found some new evidences that showed that the 3 million-year-old human ancestor Lucy spent her life on trees. The debate is over the topic of whether the ancestor spent her life walking on grounds or instead combined walking with frequent tree climbing. A research has been conducted by the scientists from the University of Johns Hopkins and the University of Texas at Austin. The scans of her feet also showed that she was well adapted for walking, putting in her an odd middle category like modern humans.

To prove their facts the scientists showed the CT scans samples that showed her upper limbs those were heavily built and  similar to tree-climbing chimpanzees. Additionally these bones show Lucy’s potential of climbing, said the researchers. The evidence has also supported the suggestion that the female-ancestor spent time climbing and used her arms to drag herself up.

According to the evidences, Lucy’s foot was better modified for bipedal locomotion (upright walking), said the scientists.

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