Self-folding Electronics- A Step Ahead to Advanced Robotics

Editorials News | Sep-21-2017

Self-folding Electronics- A Step Ahead to Advanced Robotics

It’s the time when machines are ready to replace man; however, manpower is needed to control the machines. Robots have been made to reduce time and energy of men. As per the increasing demand to have a versatile and advance robotics it is also needed to have a robotics or machine that can operate these application themselves; although, it is a big challenge to have such kind of techniques.

But this is the time where technology has become too fast to lack behind and taking a step further researchers have announced that they have developed a way to help meet these needs by creating a robotics that has the ability to fold themselves into any shape and size. Small electronic stuff with specific architectural designs can now be combined with a 3D printing. The progress is slow but steady.

The scientists have been working hard to create flat electronics that will fold themselves without any outer support after they're printed in the desired shapes.  But folding the devices into their desired shapes has so many challenges to face like additional processing procedures or specific conditions like light exposure or converting the object into liquids, which is not an easy task.  The self –folding activity is programmed into the machine. After the flat device is printed and removed from the printer platform, swelling forces enables it to fold itself into a desired shape without additional help. 

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By: Anita Aishvarya

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