Side Effects of Online Education on Health

Since a long time, we can see how technology like Educomp came as a driving factor for the online mode of education. The major rise of online education we saw in the times of pandemic when everything related to field activity stopped and we all were put in lockdown all across the globe. Education can never be stopped whether there is a pandemic or not. Thus, schools came into full force with online education model where from teachers to parents participated with full zeal to impart eduaction to their children. 

To serve something, to benefit something, somewhere our physical and mental health saw some adverse effects due to online education. Undoubtedly, online education helped us to battle our fight with CoronaVirus but our health had some major side effects due to it. Students physical activity stopped as they were sitting for hours in front of screens. Thus, they started to become couch potatoes and obesed. Students' saw major affect of screens on their eyesight thus having poor vision. Suddenly students were put in lockdown for hours with parents, thus it was really tough for both parents and students to maintain good inter personal relationship with each other as it is really new for them. Students are not going on grounds and not playing, thus their flexibility too decreased. Also, no exposure for a good time to sunlight led to lower levels of Vitamin D in students. 

Apart from this, not only their physical health but their mental health also impacted drastically. Students have no peer interaction, no meetings with friends, thus poor social interaction leading to poor development of communication skills. Now, they have less friends, no interaction with teachers and how much do they interact with parents when they are living with them 24*7. Many students were unable to live healthy life due to online education and pandemic thus leading to rise in factors like aggression, upsetness, depression, etc. Thus, online education can never substitute actual eduaction that once we used to have. 

By: Kiara Sharma

Class 10

Mahaveer Public School

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